Locating/ Exporting of Vehicles

We at AutoHunters actually formed this company to serve this very purpose, to make the process of finding a hard to find or special vehicle cheaper than could be found in your home country and arrange everything for you. Complete turn key process. You give us the details, decide which vehicle is best for you and relax while we handle the rest. 

Service Includes:

  • Locating specific makes/models you specify 
  • Providing you with detailed information, pictures and videos of selected vehicles
  • Inspecting the 3 final choices you decide on (we can live video conference during each inspection for you) 
  • Negotiating on your behalf to get the best possible deal (we are sharks when it comes to negotiations)
  • Arranging transfer of funds to secure vehicle 
  • Transferring vehicle into your ownership
  • Arranging for transport from country of vehicles location to your home
  • We handle all of the exportation/importation of your vehicle
  • We make ourselves available to all of our clients to feel free to always message or call us when needed

Service Price:  $999.00 - On Sale Now for: $799.00