Overlanding Chile

We here at AutoHunters are overlanders ourselves so we know what to look for and know what’s needed to complete different kinds of adventures. We will help you locate a vehicle suitable for your needs while visiting South America. We will provide a thorough inspection of the vehicles you are interested in and will assist in transferring the vehicle into your possession. We also provide support services to our clients throughout the duration of their trips. No matter what, AutoHunters has your back! 

Service Includes:

  1. Locating multiple choices fitting your requirements
  2. Traveling with you to meet sellers (limit 2 trips within 100kms outside of Santiago) (additional trips can be arranged on a case by case basis) 
  3. Mechanically Inspecting 2 of your vehicle choices (additional inspections can be added for $15.000clp each)
  4. Obtaining your Chilean Provisional R.U.T. (needed to buy or sell anything in Chile).
  5. Serve as your local Chilean sponsors (required to obtain R.U.T.)
  6. Transfer the vehicle 
  7. Help obtain RCI insurance needed to cross international borders
  8. Providing support throughout the duration of your Trip

Price: $250.000clp