Selling your Vehicle

We assist in the sale of your vehicle at the end of your trip. We will list your vehicle on multiple Facebook groups, Facebook marketplace,,, and multiple overlanding blogs to help get your vehicle noticed. We typically have a 60 day turnaround on vehicle sales. Although they don’t always sell that quickly, a multitude of factors can arise that slows the process to include: national emergencies, acts of God, natural disasters, pandemics, zombie invasions and impending doom from alien invasions! We guarantee that we will diligently pursue selling opportunities for our clients no matter what situation arises. We store your vehicle in a very secure lot with 3-4 meter high concrete walls and solid steel gate, 24 hour observation of security cameras and motion sensors. 

Service Includes: 

  • Secure Storage of vehicle until sale
  • Inspection and valuation of vehicle
  • Phographing and Videoing of vehicle
  • Listing vehicle multiple places online
  • Answering inquiries for vehicle in a timely, courteous manner
  • Showing vehicle to prospective buyers
  • Transferring vehicle to new buyer 

Service Price: $350.000clp