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Buy a Vehicle in Chile

Overlanding Chile

We help locate, inspect and transfer ownership of overlanding vehicles for travelers visiting Chile and South America.

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Locating/ Exporting of Vehicles

We locate, inspect, purchase, transfer ownership and arrange for the export/importation of the vehicle to wherever you’d like.

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Selling your Vehicle

We assist you in handling the sale of your vehicle upon the end of your trip.

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Our Top Notch Team

Joe Lynch

President/ Founder

Joe founded this company from his two greatest passions. Travel and Automobiles. From that passion he has made a once daunting task. Simple, Secure and Efficient.

Matias Cavieres

Partner/ Bureaucracy Expert

With a deep passion for exotic and off road vehicles Matias brings his knowledge of cars and the Chilean system to help create a seemless process for our clients.

Les Bungles

Legal Liason/ Transfer Expert

Les comes to us from a background in banking. She has a firm grasp on the legal system here in Chile and is a valuable asset to our team


We founded this company out of a deep passion for all things automotive. One day while traveling abroad our founder saw many vehicles he’d love to have that were not available in his country so he set out on a mission to help others in the same situation. Auto Hunters Intl was born from that experience and the vision that unfolded afterwards. Through the extensive network we’ve created over the years, we have taken a once daunting task and simplified it providing an easy, no hassle way to finally obtain that vehicle of your dreams, once thought to be too distant to be realized.

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Putting a World of Vehicles for Export at your fingertips

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Let our expert team find and deliver that vehicle you thought was out of reach, below market prices. We Guarantee that you will pay substantially less utilizing our services than you would buying at high local prices.